Thursday, April 8, 2010

Update from Laurie, April 7

Today was a busy day for us...Jack got sick this morning right as we pulled into the hospital, but within seconds he was back to his old self again. They say that the car causes motion sickness and we figured he would get sick to his stomach while going through chemo. He did great today at the clinic for his 3rd day of chemo. We had a meeting today with the Dr's to figure out his treatment plan and our little Jack has a tough road ahead of him, but we are still confident that he will pull through this like no other. We know there will be tough times and we are obviously dreading them, but we can only take it a day at a time and as of today...he is doing great. We are so proud of our little man. After we got home, he got sick again but instead of being upset about it, he actually told me that he was sorry for getting it on my shirt and asked if I wanted to change real quick. Funny how he thinks of everyone else while he is going through this.

We are so looking forward to this weekend and the shave-off at Loco on Saturday. We cannot wait to see some friends that we haven't seen in awhile and be able to support Jack's journey together. I am sure that we will be overwhelmed and I am sure I will be a bit of a mess that day, but I cannot wait. We are hoping that Jack will be able to come with us for a little bit, but we will not know until Friday if that will happen or not. If he can, we just have to make sure that he stays germ free while we are there. While we wish that he could be hugged and held and loved by all our friends and family, but that cannot happen right now. We hope that everyone understands that while he has the energy and strength of a "normal" 2 year old, his immune system disagrees. We have to keep him healthy and in our arms while we are there and I know that everyone will understand that.

We want to say thank you again to everyone who has pulled together this event for Saturday. You all know who you are and we are so very grateful. Hopefully we can do an event like this next year and raise some money for another family who is going through this. We love you all and thank you so very much...

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  1. We will be at the fundraiser today and I hope we have the opportunity to meet the family. I am a mother of a neuroblastoma survivor! We is coming to get his head shaved. I would like to offer my support to you as I have lived this nightmare and I can tell you and show you how wonderful the outcome will be. I am confident Jack will be just fine!