Thursday, April 29, 2010

Update from Laurie, April 28, 2010

NOTE:  This update was actually posted yesterday by Laurie...So her reference to "last night" was really night before last.  Sorry for lagging behind!!

Jack had a great night last night after completing his second day of chemo.  He didn't get sick and that's great for everyone!  He has been eating great today and we were able to go and play in the playroom this morning.  Hopefully he will be up this afternoon and we will go and play again.  I am trying to get him to take a little nap so we can play later, but he is acting as if he just ate a ton of sugar and bouncing off the walls so a nap might not happen this afternoon!  Tonight is the last night of having to do both chemo's and then Thursday night will only be one of them.  We probably won't be able to go home until Saturday since we started so late on Monday night and he needs to complete all his fluids before we go home.

Hopefully tonight goes as well as the past 2 nights...halfway there and then round 3 will be done.

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