Monday, April 26, 2010

Update from Laurie, April 26, 2010

Good news! We have been informed that when they tested Jack's bone marrow, it came up negative for Neuroblasto​ma! There is a little side note though...wh​en they did a biopsy of it, there were traces of Neuroblasto​ma cells, but they said that if they weren't seeing any in the liquid, then we should be pleased with the results. They are saying that there is a limited amount left in his marrow so we are thrilled. We will be talking with the Dr later (hopefully today) about the results of the MIGB scan (bone scan) so let's hope we get 3 good results from 3 different tests!

Today​ will be the beginning of cycle 3 of chemo and we had to check in at the hospital for this round. We have been here all day and he will not start his chemo until tonight. He needs to have a lot of fluids before he starts so they are assuming he will get his first dose at 7 PM. They have told us that one of the types of chemo that he is getting is pretty hard on his stomach so to expect him to be sick this time. Of course he will get a lot of anti-nausea medication, but we are not looking forward to having him be sick this week. It will be great if he surprises everyone once again and goes through this week without being too sick! He will hopefully be done by Thursday night and be able to go home Friday...I will continue to update as we get going

The move went pretty good this weekend, but we are not done getting everything unpacked and put away. Jack is very excited to be at the new house with lots of room to run and play and since that is pretty much going to be his playground for the next year, we are happy that he is happy.

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