Monday, April 5, 2010

First-hand update!

I arrived yesterday morning in Arizona to help out Laurie and Zac while Jack receives round 2 of his chemo treatments this week. 

Seriously folks, chemo is not what they are shooting into Jack's veins.  It's some type of super-powered energy hyper-freak out juice.  For sure.  To say that Jack is a ball of energy is a slight understatement.  He never stops running around.  He even hates to take time to pee!  He just runs and talks and plays and pretty much goes bonkers all day long.  His noise is music to our ears!  It's just got to be a great sign.  Laurie said that Jack's doctor came in mid-way through the treatment today and did another double take.  He asked Laurie if the drip had even started yet, and she said that he was already done with his first medicine and was getting ready to receive his second.  She said that the doctor smiled and shook his head, and told Laurie that, "He's so strong.  He's one special kid."  Yeah, tell us something we don't already know!  But it is so comforting hearing things like this from his doctor.

While Laurie and Jack were at the clinic today, I stayed here at the house taking care of Braden.  Braden is a little champ, I tell you.  His heart condition makes him fall asleep during feedings, but he still sucks down his entire bottle and is gaining weight at the rate of about a pound a week.  Which is great news. 

Watching Braden smile and blow bubbles and watching Jack run around the house a mile a minute, it's difficult to even imagine that both of them are sick.  But we take small victories as positive signs that all is well. 

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