Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Update from Laurie, April 20, 2010

Today was a great day for both of our boys! Jack went in this morning with Zac to have his stem cells harvested. When he got there, his number went up to over 130 and his ANC was 10,000! He did great today while they were there. He took a little nap and watched a few movies with Zac. His platelets were low (which they told us would probably happen after having the stem cells taken from him) so he had to get some before he left the hospital. I picked them up and he was in a great mood and looked wonderful. Jack and Zac went over to the park and Zac ran and pushed him around the lake and then off they went to the playground.​ While they were gone, I got a call from the hospital and they told me that they needed 5 million cells per kg of weight for it to be a succesful draw...they took 23.8 million cells per kg of weight from Jack today so he did wonderful! He gave more than 5 times what they needed so we are clear to move on to the next step. We are going in tomorrow at 2 for his MIBG scan and to have his bone marrow tested. We will not know the results until Friday night so say a prayer for him!

Braden had his appointment with the cardiologis​t this morning and I took him to that. He had an EKG done and after reviewing it and listening to his heart, they said that they think that the holes are closing since it is a higher pitch noise that they can hear. He will stay on the medication he is on now but they had to up the dose since he is gaining so much weight (he is over 13 lbs now!). He has to go back in a month and have an xray and an echo. If those look good, they will take him off the medication because they think they may just close on their own. If his scans don't look as well as they want them to, then they will add another medication to help his body close the holes. So, all is good! It sounds as if he is doing great...fin​ally, a good day of great news!

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