Sunday, April 11, 2010

Thank You

The list of people to thank for their generous input to the Shave-Off is a mile long.  I'm afraid that if I started naming names, I would surely leave someone out by accident...but that is simply because the number of people who helped was enormous.  To say that the shave-off was a success would be a gross understatement.  It was epic!  The support that total strangers showed Jack and Laurie and Zac was amazing.  There is so much good in this world!!  Toddlers, boys, women (yes, women!!) and men all sat down on those stools and bravely got their bald on so that they could match Jack!  I've never seen so many beautiful fuzzy heads in one place!

A few thank you's...

A special thank you to Adrian Wilson and Steve Breaston...two of the nicest, most genuine men around.  Not only did they brave the almost 90 degree heat to shave nearly 100 heads in the Arizona sun, they did it because they wanted to.  They are truly kind people.   Because they volunteered their time for us, our little event grew to something beyone our imagination.  And for that, we thank them. 

To the brave Shavers!!  Thank you for publicly showing your support for Jack and for all of those who are touched by cancer. 

To Loco!!  Thank you for letting us have our event at your amazing place.  Thank you all for everything you gave, everything you did. 

To everyone who is Loco for Jack!!  Thank you for your support.  Every single penny you gave will go directly toward Jack's continuing care.  We totally sold out of all 200 t shirts we ordered, and could have easily sold an additional 200 more. 

To all who helped in the planning and publicizing that helped to make this event such an amazing success!!  You all know who you are, and our graititude is endless.  Thank YOU (every single one of you) for everything you did.  The flyers you designed, the Facebook event you created and invited thousands to, the donations you gathered, the amazing raffle items you donated, the raffle buckets you decorated, the t-shirt selling you did, the hair sweeping up you did, the heads you shaved, the planning you did, the decorating you did, the last minute errand running you did...the list goes on and on.  Without every single one of you, we could not have had such a great thing happen. 

Some fabulous friends of Laurie and Zac's have set up the official Jack Morton Foundation.  Please click here to view the new website.  And for all of their hard work in setting it up, thank you. 

We are working on getting photos from yesterday up, so check back for an update soon!


  1. I'm so so so excited that the event was such an enormous success and just wish I could have been there to witness the special day in person! Can't wait to hear all about it!

  2. Hello,
    I was one of the luck strangers to be out there and shave off my hair. Little Jack is an inspiration to many, but especially to me. I created a little video with my 'Shave Off for Jack' experience yesterday. I hope you like it!

  3. Hello,

    I do a fitness bootcamp on Saturday mornings & I would like to dedicate one weekend to gathering donations from our participants. Feel free to contact me for more details at