Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Update from Laurie, April 13, 2010

Jack had a Dr's appointment yesterday and all went well.  He ended up having to get blood and platelets, but we weren't too surprise at that.  He also had to get an xray of his chest and an ekg in preparation for the harvesting of his stem cells in a week or two.  He did well with both the xray and the ekg...he is becoming an expert with all the test that he has to take.  They said that the tumor is not pressing against his trachea like it was before, so that's good news (hopefully it's shrinking!!)!  He will be getting a few scans next week as well as another bone marrow aspiration to see what everything else looks like.  We will let everyone know of the exact date when we figure it out so we can get some extra prayers going for those days!  As usual, Jack is running around the house right now, playing Cars on the Wii and yelling "chica, chica!" 

We go back to the Dr on Thursday just to check his levels and then we will go from there!

Braden is doing really well too...he is such a little chunk now!  He has his 2 month appointment with the pediatrician tomorrow and then another echo next week.  He is all smiles now and tries to "talk" which is so cute!

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  1. God is good!!! Praise The Lord!!!