Tuesday, April 20, 2010

GREAT Update from Laurie, April 19, 2010

Jack had a Dr's appt today to check his blood levels. We got a call tonight to say that his ANC level (immunity) was over 6,000 and that is always great to hear! Other than his ANC level, he was being tested to see if he was ready for stem cell harvesting.​ The magic number he was supposed to be at in order to harvest his cells, was 10. He was over 80! They told us that he is an amazing boy and these numbers are just great. His body is recovering so well after each treatment and we just hope and pray it continues to be that way.

Since his number was so high for his stem cell count, he will be going in at 7 AM tomorrow to have his cells harvested. This is going to be an outpatient treatment and he should not have any sort of a bad reaction or down time. He will also be getting an dye injection for his MIBG scan on Wednesday. He will also be getting his bone marrow pulled on Wednesday to see how it looks. We only pray the results are as good as our little Jack seems to feel because he acts as if he is the healthiest little boy.

Braden has his cardiologis​t appt tomorrow as well so we will let you know how that goes. We are expecting everything to be pretty much the same, but since he is doing so well with eating and sleeping and he isn't showing any signs of heart failure, we feel as if we are already ahead of the game. He is also a strong little boy...and a big boy too!

We will update tomorrow night after we get through another day...

Go Jack and Big Baby B!!!  You guys can do this!!!

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